Howto Create Scalabale Jenkins

Deploy jenkins deployment file, please refer to this link.

# kubectl create -f jenkins-deployment.yaml
# kubectl create -f jenkins-service.yaml
# kubectl create -f jenkins-ingress.yaml

Create a service account

# kubectl -n default create sa jenkins

Gives cluster-admin permissions to the new account

# kubectl create clusterrolebinding jenkins --clusterrole cluster-admin --serviceaccount=default:jenkins

Retrieves the secret

# kubectl get -n default sa/jenkins --template='{{range .secrets}}{{ .name }} {{end}}' | xargs -n 1 kubectl -n default get secret --template='{{ if .data.token }}{{ .data.token }}{{end}}' | head -n 1 | base64 -d -

Copy the whole content printed at the console and go to Jenkins > Credentials > System > Global credentials > Add Credentials, change the Kind drop-down options to Secret text and past into Secret, create with name “jenkins-sa”.

Configure Jenkins

# Kubernetes
Name : kubernetes
Kubernetes URL : ["kubectl cluster-info | grep master"]
Credentials : jenkins-sa
Jenkins URL : ["kubectl describe pod jenkins-xxx | grep IP:"]

# Pod Template
Name : jenkins-slave
Namespace : default
Labels : jenkins-slave

# Container Template
Name : jenkins-slave
Docker image : jenkins/jnlp-slave

Lets the others to be default

Create jenkins job and test!

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