Solaris Better Than Linux – That’s Missing The Point!

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Open Source: Is Solaris better than Linux? Is Ruby better than PHP? All this is totally missing the point! Core stuff like OS, Web Server, Scripting Language And C Compilers – ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Open source has been completely and utterly transformed over the last 15 years or so. Back when I was studying for my Ph.D. some of it was interesting, but apart from some pretty cool mathematical routines and stuff, it was light weight compared to the commercial stuff. That is totally not the case any more. The simple fact that much of the open source software around today is ‘good enough’ seems to have escaped most people. It might be boring but ‘good enough’ is probably the single biggest tipping point in the development of any technology; in my view, open-source is so different to closed source, we should consider it a different technology!

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One thought on “Solaris Better Than Linux – That’s Missing The Point!”

  1. I heard that Solaries is better than Linux, but i’m not clear, why it is better. I would be very happy if any one gives atleast 3 points why it is better.

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