About Fedora Core Release 7

The Fedora Project team is working very hard on the next version of Fedora Core Linux distribution (Fedora Core 7) and they published some of the upcoming changes for this release.

The biggest change will be the merger of “Core” and “Extras” repositories into one huge repository of thousands of packages. Also, Fedora Core 7 will come in three editions: Fedora Desktop (which is a collection of desktop-related packages like GNOME, X, Firefox, etc.), Fedora Server (which is a collection of server-related packages like LAMP stack, maybe JBoss, etc.) and Fedora KDE (which will contain only the K Desktop Environment packages). They are also planning an installable LiveCD release of FC7.

Other new features will include:

  • Rock solid wireless networking support;
  • Wireless firmware;
  • Pungi will be used for tree building;
  • Fast user switching;
  • RandR 1.2;
  • KVM virtualization support;
  • Boot and shutdown speed-up;
  • New init system;
  • rpm and yum enhancements;
  • libata will be used for PATA support;
  • syslog to be replaced with syslog-ng;
  • Improved firewire support;
  • Real-time kernel;
  • Tickless kernel support;
  • Fix wakeups across the distribution;
  • Encrypted file systems.

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