Howto Unmirror a File System That Cannot Be Unmounted Solaris 10

Use this task to unmirror file systems, including root (/), /usr, /opt, and swap, that cannot be unmounted during normal system operation.

    1. Make sure that you have root privilege and that you have a current backup of all data.
    2. Verify that at least one submirror is in the Okay state.
    3. Detach the submirror that will continue to be used for the file system.
    4. Use one of the following commands, depending the file system you want to unmirror:
      • For the /usr, /opt, or swap file systems, change the file system entry in the /etc/vfstab file to use a non-Solaris Volume Manager device (slice).
      • For the root (/) file system only: run the metaroot command.
    5. Reboot the system.
    6. Clear the remaining mirror and submirrors.

Example Unmirroring the root (/) File System

Example Unmirroring the swap File System

Edit the /etc/vfstab file to change the entry for swap from metadevice to slice name

In this example, the /etc/vfstab file contains the following entry for the swap file system:

Change the entry to read as follows:

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One thought on “Howto Unmirror a File System That Cannot Be Unmounted Solaris 10

  1. gabe says:

    what if i want to break the root mirror because I have a 3rd party vendor doing an upgrade (and in the past it ended in a rm -rf)

    metadetach mirror submirror

    now they screw it up and and i need to use that submirror as the root partition?

    In testing, I broke the mirror and then remounted that submirror slice somewhere else and it said it was not clean and i had to run fsck on it. Not sure if I lost data or not but it didn’t feel right. Is there a cleaner way of breaking the mirror?

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