NTFS with read/write support using the NEW ntfs-3g (Ubuntu)

Warning : ntfs-3g is still in beta. You should not use it on production machines.
If you can, it’s always better to prefer ext3 to share file between windows & linux using http://fs-driver.org/

Introduction :

Support of NTFS partition for linux has always been a problem. Projects exist since many years but was always experimental, and was claim to be not safe. But here come a new project ntfs-3g which claim to be capable for unlimited file creation and deletion.

The status of the different projects:

  1. The kernel’s NTFS driver exist since 2001, but write support is experimental and could lead to crash.
  2. The idea was then, because the driver wasn’t safe enough, to put it in an higher level (to be simple, kernel is the low level, and the user space is in high level (depend on the lower level)) in that way, we can easily stop it if he is doing something wrong.
  3. It’s the ntfsmount idea (part of ntfsprogs, in ubuntu repo). write support is still a pain (succes in 50% of the case) but because it use fuse, it reside in the user space, and error no more lead to a crash and leat the disk safe.
  4. Paragon also create an NTFS driver, but non-free.
    Captive NTFS come after with an other good idea, emulate the original Microsoft Windows ntfs.sys driver using wine and doing that in the usespace with FUSE. It lead to a 100% compatible driver but the wrapper itself is known to have some bug, and is really really slow.
  5. And here we are with the last project, ntfs-3g, which is base on ntfsmount (use also fuse) but with lots of improvement in functionality, quality, performance and reliability. This project started by Szakacsits Szabolcs, member of the linux-ntfs team, is actually in beta.

For more information:

But now you probably want to test this great new feature. So let’s start.
(note : a frensh traduction is available here : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/systeme/ntfs-3g)

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