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Ada dua jenis iptables Generator kesukaan saya… 🙂

This program generates an iptables firewall script for use with the 2.4 or later linux kernel. It is intended for use on a single system connected to the Internet or a gateway system for a private, internal network. It provides a range of options, but is not intended to cover every possible situation. Make sure you understand what each option in the generator does and take the time to read the comments in the resulting firewall. This generator will not, for example, generate a firewall suitable for use with a DMZ, but it can provide a starting point. For the most common uses the generator should produce a firewall ready for use.

quicktables is an iptables firewall and firewall / nat (gateway) script generator. it was created to provide a secure set of iptables rules quickly, while still maintaining few requirements (sh and ifconfig pretty much). quicktables will ask you to answer a small handful of questions, and generates your very own personalized firewall or script.

  • current support includes the following
  • nat and no nat (firewall only) options
  • default policy of DROP on INPUT and FORWARD chains (all packets dropped)
  • tcp and udp ACCEPTs on INPUT chain (open ports to the firewall machine)
  • tcp and upd port forwarding with nat (forward ports to multiple internal hosts nat only)
  • multiple icmp (ping) options
  • multiple packet logging level options (syslog – kern.info)
  • redhat specific installation and init script supporting both /sbin/service and /sbin/chkconfig commands
  • advances port forwarding to multiple internal hosts with multiple external destination addresses
  • advanced support for transparent http proxying with squid running either on the firewall itself or running on another host
  • xtremely newbie friendly while still secure and very feature rich

Semuanya menjadi lebih mudah 🙂

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