LinHDD Tools for Linux

LinHDD software untuk menjalankan mkfs (formating), Df (untuk melihat deviced Mounted) , cfdisk (untuk memPartisi Drive, sama dengan Partisi Magic di Windows), serta hdparm (informasi detail tentang Drive) secara tampilan GUI, lebih enak dan lebih mudah digunakan.

linHDD acts as a fontend for some basic Linux tools, which should all be on your machine already. hdparm gives the detailed drive information shown in the large textbox. Also enables testing the HDD read speed in MB/s. df, (which lists mounted devices), mkfs and its relatives for formatting (supporting ext2, ext3, reiserfs, xfs, jfs — if they are supported on your machine.) And cfdisk pops up if you choose to partition a drive.

Dependencies :

  • GTK+2-2.6
  • Python-2.4
  • pyGTK-2.6
  • Pango

Howto :

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